ECM Espresso

Innovative technology and precise production: ECM espresso machines – high quality products and elegant design for commercial use or for the sophisticated domestic user.

With the special heat exchanger system, the elaborate ECM brewing group and the innovative lever valve technology ECM espresso machines meet the most professional demands – for every application.

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ECM Barista A2 & A3

ECM Barista A3 Espresso Machine


Suitable for medium or larger cafes and restaurants. Available with two brew groups (Barista A2) or with three (Barista A3), these machines are truly the finest. The machine comes with a 14 litre (Barista A2) or 21 litre (Barista A3) copper boiler, with two or three heat exchangers at 0.5 litres each (66% larger than standard) and with an electronically controlled pre-infusion to consistently get the best possible taste.

  • High-quality materials and professional components in a perfectly manufactured housing of polished stainless steel
  • 14 liter (Barista A2) & 21 liter (Barista A3) copper boiler with two (Barista A2) or three (Barista A3) heat exchangers at 0.5 l each. This is 66% larger than most other models
  • ECM brew groups with stainless steel bells
  • High-performance rotary pump; adjustable from the outside
  • Connectable, electronically controlled pre-infusion
  • Cold water mixing for making tea
  • Boiler may be emptied out for transport
  • Dual pump- and boiler-gauges
  • Water level indicator
  • Two curved steam wands; one hot water wand
  • Service friendly – easy to open
  • Made in Germany

ECM Compact HX-2

ECM Compact HX2 Machine


ECM’s entry level commercial coffee machine with customary ECM meticulous finish. Suitable for a small to medium sized cafe, this machine has two brew group sets, an optimised 0.5 litre heat exchanger system, a 9 litre stainless steel boiler and 2 stainless steel steamers. The machine is easily capable of 200 – 300 cups of coffee + per day

  • Stainless steel front panel and drip tray
  • Grey or anthracite side panels and back panel
  • 2 ring brew group heads, suitable for all ECM portafilters
  • Insulated, stainless steel boiler with 9l volume
  • Two heat exchangers at 0.5 litres capacity each (optimised sizing)
  • Programmable dosing of 4 coffee buttons; 1 manual dosing button
  • Connectible, electronically controlled pre-infusion
  • Automatic brew group cleaning programme
  • Designed to fit tall cups
  • Quick-opening steam and hot water rotary valves
  • Comfortable handling: two steam and one hot water valve
  • Boiler and pump pressure gauges
  • Rotary pump; adjustable from the bottom of the machine
  • Sirai pressure control
  • Service friendly: easy to open by loosening 4 screws
  • Three ECM portafilters: 1x 1-spout + 2x 2-spouts
  • Made in Germany

ECM Classika II

ECM CLASSIKA II Expresso Machine

The perfect single-boiler machine even for small spaces – satisfying the highest demands for the perfect espresso.  A timelessly elegant classic in a clear stainless steel design.

  • Solid chrome-plated ECM brewing group
  • Easy access to water tank through detachable cup warmer tray
  • High-quality stainless steel boiler (volume: 0.5 l)
  • Short heat-up phase
  • Copper tubing with brass fittings and screws
  • Water tank with approx. 2.8 l volume
  • Pump pressure gauge for visual pump pressure control
  • High-performance vibration pump
  • Metal lever switch and control lamps for the “On/Off” function and for dispensing steam and hot water
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