Rocket Espresso

The Rocket Espresso commercial machine competes in quality and performance with the latest trend in espresso machines. Its contemporary styling has under-stated class and fills a gap in the market for people who really understand about espresso making but who aren’t interested in gimmicks.

When they developed the commercial Rocket the manufacturers had the advantage of many years experience in the industry coupled with a blank piece of paper. In this way they didn’t have to compromise and were able to choose from the best of all the innovations in espresso making. As Andrew Meo (Rocket’s co-founder) says: “We didn’t want a machine that says ‘Good morning’ and tells you the time and the date!”

Instead they incorporated a number of small improvements which added together make this a machine that not only produces a high quality coffee, but also gives reduced long term service costs and greater reliability.

Here are just a few of those improvements:

  • There’s an isolator on the steam taps (machines can still operate
    whilst taps are serviced)
  • There is no touch pad – each button is individual, similar to those you find on cash machines or lifts, resulting in longer life and low cost servicing.
  • The steam wand is stainless and insulated therefore safe to touch. It is double skinned – expensive – but a very important safety feature.

It all adds up to a stronger, safer machine that’s easier and cheaper to service has great longevity with a greater temperature stability resulting in a better, more consistent espresso.

If you are concerned with quality, reliability, value for money, design, simplicity of use and you also want to produce consistently great espresso-based drinks year after year – look at Rocket.

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Rocket Espresso commercial machine

Rocket Espresso 2 group automatic espresso machine


  • 2, 3 or 4 groups
  • Semi-automatic or electronic controls
  • Heavy duty brass group weighing 5.1 kg for highest thermal performance.
  • Static pre-infusion chamber within the brewing head providing smooth extraction with full aroma, body and crema. Additional electronic pre-infusion system available.
  • Superior layout of thermosyphon system resulting in optimum extraction. Each group comes with its own 610ml heat exchanger for consistent performance of each brewing group.
  • Available as tall cup machine with high or low drip tray.
  • Stainless steel steam wands with cool-touch technology. Only the nozzle gets hot resulting in more efficient steam. Steam nozzle designed for easy milk foaming with fine texture.


  • 2 group machine: 3300 w, 4300 w or 5300 w
  • 3 group machine: 4300 w, 5300 w or 6300 w
  • 4 group machine: 5300 w or 6300 w

Dimensions (W x D x H):

  • 2 group machine: 780 x 583 x 511
  • 3 group machine: 1000 x 583 x 511
  • 4 group machine: 1220 x 583 x 511

The Evoluzione Giotto

Rocket Evoluzione Giotto

The addition of a rotary pump on the Evoluzione machine combined with the Rocket Espresso 2.9 litre water reservoir system (or alternatively the ability to connect directly to a mains water supply), now delivers a premium domestic espresso machine that is the equal of any commercial espresso machine.

The Cellini Classic

Evoluzione V2 Cellini Hero


The Cellini body style on the Evoluzione gives an alternative styling to the Giotto (pictured above).

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