The Ascaso BAR



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A Commercial Coffee Capsule Machine. 

Building on the high quality of their Barista range, Ascaso have created the Ascaso Bar: a surprisingly cost effective way of producing professional espresso-based drinks for lower volume sites with inexperienced staff. With the same professional build quality as the Barista and Barista Pro but the simplicity of coffee capsule technology, it is fast becoming a favourite for our customers.

Coffee capsules are a relatively new solution to providing a coffee shop quality drink without the need for expensive or sophisticated equipment or specially trained staff.

“We weren’t certain about using coffee capsules, as we were concerned it would not give the quality our customers demand. But after listening to Capital Coffee we thought we’d give it a chance – we’re very glad we did! The Ascaso Bar machine has made making coffee easier for the staff and more cost-effective for me, and of course, our customers are delighted.”

Ideal for bars, offices, golf clubs, hairdressers, gyms, restaurants – anywhere that volumes don’t always lend themselves to the commitment of a traditional espresso machine with all that that entails but where a quality product is still of high importance to you and your customers.