Should I Buy A Coffee Grinder to Use at Home?

With many of us now making our daily (or hourly, in my case) coffee at home rather than getting it from a coffee shop, there is lots more thought going into the coffee we use and the way we make it.

At Capital Coffee, we’ve supplied commercial coffee machines and equipment as well as freshly roasted beans to coffee shops and restaurants all over the UK for four decades.

In 2020, for the first time, we started selling our coffee directly to consumers via our online coffee bean shop.

We sell various different blends as both whole bean and freshly ground options, so our customers can choose whether to grind them at home or not.

Many people prefer to grind their own beans at home, enjoying the process and routine, as well as the control they have over the coffee-making process and the extra freshness they get.

However, we’d advise caution – a good home grinder is hard to find and doesn’t come cheap, and no matter how expensive or fresh the coffee you buy, the wrong grinder will permanently alter the flavour, and not for the better.

Cheap electric grinders with blades will heat up too quickly, producing an uneven grind that leads to an uneven drink.

If you want to grind your coffee beans at home, we’d advise getting a grinder with burrs, not blades. These will provide a more consistent grind and are closer to what you’d get in a high quality coffee shop, with expensive commercial grinders (these usually cost anywhere from £1,000 upwards).

Both electric or hand grinders can do a good job – it just depends on how much energy you have in the morning!

There are so many options to choose from online but we’d recommend spending at least £50 on an electric burr grinder, if you want to treat your beans well.

It’s also worth knowing that grinding your own beans is by no means essential to get a perfect cup of coffee at home.

All ground coffee from Capital Coffee is sealed in recyclable one way valve pouches. The date it was ground and packaged is the date it is sent out. We pick and pack to order.

Most customers go through a 250g pouch in about a week, and keeping it sealed in between uses means the coffee stays fresh.

When you order coffee from us, you are trusting us to find and import the best beans from around the world, roast them perfectly, package them and deliver them to your home.

Why not trust us to grind them too – meaning your only job is to turn them into a delicious brew.

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