Although Capital is a coffee roaster, we do more than ‘just’ roast coffee. We supply, service and maintain the full range of coffee making equipment to suit every customer’s needs from traditional espresso to bean to cup and from filter to bulk brew machines.


With the knowledge we’ve gained through our many years in coffee, we are able to give our customers the edge in their market place.

Did you know?

If you use more than 6 kilos of coffee a week you can qualify for a free machine.
Find out more about our free loan coffee machines.

Coffee roasting, commercial coffee machine supplies & servicing

At Capital, we focus on producing perfect espresso blends for our customers while providing up-to-date advice on the best coffee machines that are both environmentally friendly and built to help you make a profit and produce excellent coffee experiences for your customers.

At Capital, our team has spent years working to differentiate and perfect our espresso blends and machine offering.

This has led us to reappraise our approach to our customers with a view towards long term environmental and business sustainability.



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