Capital Coffee began in 1982, when Roy Grey founded Capital Drinks - mainly because he didn’t want to work for anyone else - but also because he was excited to improve the quality of beans and service in the industry and build a company he could be proud of.

Soon joined by his wife Linda, and a core team of employees (the longest serving, the wonderful Mark, Caroline and Simeon have nearly 70 years of service between them), Roy and Linda grew the business along with their family, their children growing up with the smell of freshly-roasted coffee beans accompanying long holiday road trips.

In 2023, two of those children stepped up to run the business.

John has worked within Capital Coffee for most of his professional career. He knows the business, the team, the products and the customers inside and out and is the planner of the team. John is always trying new coffees (luckily his phase of 6 double espressos before 6am is well behind him now), working on great blends and stays ahead of innovations in the industry.

Andy has also worked with coffee for most of his adult life - but on the other side of the world in the coffee mecca of Melbourne, Australia. With roles in roasting, service and even running his own cafe, he understands the industry as both a supplier and consumer. He’s even brought his wife into the Capital Coffee family (Maja - Aussie marketing guru).

Andy likes the day-to-day grind - yes, we went there - of being out on the road, seeing new places, meeting new people and finding immediate solutions to problems, especially on the techie side of servicing.

The two brothers share their motivations and ambitions for the business: “We see our job as helping you - our customers - make money for you and your family, by providing coffee and kit you can be really proud of."

“We can’t quite believe our luck - to be able to build a business together, raise our children close by and squeeze in the odd game of golf, after living on opposite sides of the world for a decade feels too good to be true."

"We want to bring the best of our parents legacy - Capital Coffee’s 40 years of exceptional quality and service - with us we help you - whatever your business - get the most out of your coffee. And we want to make it easy for you, with complete service for all things coffee, straight talking, ethical supply chain and fair prices.

We’ve worked in all sectors of the coffee industry and know what it takes to start, run and grow a successful business. We love great coffee. We know you do too. We hope you’ll join us for a cup - or five.”

John, Andy, and the Capital Coffee Family

For over 4 decades, we’ve been able to offer our clients the reassurance of knowing their coffee, machines, servicing and training are all supplied by the same team – a second-generation, family-run company.We’ll be with you all the way to ensure that your machine is reliable, your service is fast and your coffee is great.