How to Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

With the warmer summer weather I've been experimenting with using our coffee to make cold brew at home. 

There's several ways to make cold brew coffee at home. I'll discuss these below. 

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Basic Cold Brew Coffee Method

  1. Put 1 cup cafetière grind coffee into a container (mason jar/large bowl)

  2. Add 4 cups of cold water. Cover with lid/cling film and refrigerate for 18hours. 

    Note: What's important is the 4:1 ratio, you could use pints or buckets and not 'cups' if you see what I mean.

  3. After 18hours, strain through a coffee filter/use a piece of old clean t shirt and a sieve, over a jug.
  4. Drink over ice in a glass, with milk and ice or even with ice, tonic and a slice of lemon in a tall glass.
  5. Store the rest of it in an air tight container/old screw top wine bottle in the fridge.

Hot Bloom Cold Brew Coffee Method

It is the same as the basic method, but first boil one cup of water, add that to the ground coffee, ‘bloom’ for 10 min, then add the 3 cups of cold.

Cold Brew Tips

  • Cups can be any size. Your container should fit 5 cups in it.
  • Ratio of 1:4 coffee:water is the important bit.

Cold brew coffee made in this way should last a week and can be diluted with water or even vodka for espresso martinis!

Fancy having a go? Don't forget to tag us in your attempts on insta! 

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