Decaf 100% Compostable Coffee Capsules (Nespresso Compatible)


Size: 80



These decaffeinated Nespresso compatible capsules are a blend of 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta, giving you a complete and balanced taste. 

The blend avoids the blandness of other decafs - it brings the same satisfying taste and aftertaste as the other arabica coffee pods we offer. 

Some decaf products are left flat after the decaffeination process, but this coffee has a sweet aroma and a very elegant finish.  

This coffee is the same as what is in our other decaf coffee capsules but these come in a 100% compostable capsule.  A slight price increase, but so much better for the environment! Coffee grounds are also great for compost. 

How is your maths? The sizes listed are the amount of pods. There are 20 pods to a box, so 4 boxes nets you 80 capsules. 

Got a household or business that gets through a lot of coffee? Then the cheapest option is to buy 320 capsules - that's 16 boxes!