About Capital Coffee

Capital is a family run business spanning 2 generations and has been operating for over 35 years.

Originally trading as Capital Drinks selling orange concentrate as well as filter coffee, the company changed its focus and name to Capital Coffee as the market developed and the trend to espresso-based drinks increased. From there the step to roasting was a natural progression and the company has gone from strength to strength building on its reputation and expertise.

“Essential to the progress of the company was sourcing the best in coffee making equipment,” says Roy. “Having worked with many different manufacturers of equipment over the years we have learned that reading the brochure is not enough! We know from firsthand experience the products that perform and we have taken time to develop a close working relationship with each manufacturer. Being completely independent we are in a position to choose the very best equipment from across the market and in every case we buy direct from the factory.”

Having said this, Capital views the machine as a means to an end: what really matters is the quality and consistency of the coffee in the cup.

Investing in a state-of-the-art, computerised coffee roaster has enabled the company to develop its own high quality blends and to control costs in an increasingly competitive market.

This continual development ensures that Capital’s customers remain the focus: great service, great coffee, competitive pricing and honest advice is what the customer gets from Capital.

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To talk to any of the team please call 020 8540 5000 or email sales@capitalcoffee.co.uk.

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