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About Caffè Capital

Since we opened our own coffee shop in Claygate, Surrey in 2010, it has been a real adventure putting into practice all that we’ve learned from helping our customers over the years.

It has certainly given us a valuable insight into the challenges faced by the independent coffee shop and means that we really can talk from first hand experience when giving advice to anybody who is thinking of opening their own coffee shop.

The biggest lesson we’ve learned?

People come back for good coffee that’s well made!

No prizes for guessing whose coffee we use.

Enjoy Capital Coffee in your own home

Buy a packet of beans in the shop and we will grind it while you wait, to suit your machine at home – whether filter coffee, cafetiere or espresso. Can’t get to us? Then simply order your coffee online!

Caffè Capital Claygate
16 The Parade, Claygate, Esher, Surrey KT10 0NU.
Order any coffee before 9am, Monday-Friday, for only £1!

Caffè Capital Cobham
28 Hollyhedge Rd, Cobham, KT11 3DG

Visit our website for the latest menus and information.

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We are looking for someone to join our Cobham team!

Please email your CV to

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Try our new Easter Egg Muffin 🍳🐰

Chocolate muffin with a vanilla frosting & a white chocolate cream and yellow sweetmelt egg yolk.

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Have you tried our @dailydoseldn juices yet?

They use wonky fruit that is thrown by supermarkets.

Because what’s wrong with wonky? 🤷‍♀️

These juices are a combination of nutritious vegetables and antioxidant-packed fruits.

So tasty even the kids love them!

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Have you seen our new selection of endurance nutrition?

Fuel your next ride and run with a delicious coffee and energy filled bar🏃‍♀️🚴

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Another glorious day. But it is Sunday, so if you have a sore head it may be a good idea to top up those vitamins with one of our superfood lattes! Our pup Indiana agrees!
#superfoodlattes #coffeeshop #independentcoffeeshop #latte #lattecoffee #cobhamsurrey #cobhamlife

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Happy Valentine’s Day from us at Capital ♥️ ...

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Have you seen our new bike stand? 🚴 Fuel your next ride with our delicious coffee and cakes! ☕️ ...

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