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About Us

Capital is a family run business spanning two generations and has been operating for almost 40 years. Our Master Roaster (Mark) has been roasting coffee and perfecting his trade for over 30 years.

All long term relationships are built on trust, and we treat each new customer as if they are an addition to the Capital family.

After having conducted detailed research into the coffee roasting process, we decided to invest in the latest roasting technology to come out of Italy from a company called IMF. We have been using fluid air bed roasting technology since 2002.

“Essential to the progress of the company was sourcing the best in coffee making equipment,” says Capital Coffee’s MD. “Having worked with many different manufacturers of equipment over the years we have learned that reading the brochure is not enough! We know from first-hand experience the products that perform and we have taken time to develop a close working relationship with each manufacturer. Being completely independent, we are in a position to choose the very best equipment from across the market and in every case we buy directly from the factory.”

Investing in a state-of-the-art, computerised coffee roaster has enabled the company to develop its own high-quality blends and to control costs in an increasingly competitive market.

This continual development ensures that Capital’s customers remain the focus: great service, great coffee, competitive pricing and honest advice is what the customer gets from Capital.


The History of Capital Coffee

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Caffè Capital Cobham Opens

We open our second coffee shop in Cobham, our hometown.

Launch of Online Store

We launch an online shop for retail customers to buy our coffee. In a few months the COVID-19 pandemic will place the country into lockdown affecting our customers and ourselves.


Caffe Capital

We open our first coffee shop, Caffe Capital, in Claygate, Surrey. It’s a real adventure putting into practice all that we’ve learned from helping our customers. It gives us valuable first-hand experience of running a successful coffee shop.


2008 Crash

The company has grown slowly but steadily from this point and having learned from previous lessons was in a good shape to weather the 2008 crash. Continuing to invest in new equipment in the roastery (new multi-weigh head packaging machine etc) as well as in the equipment we supply to our customers – (Ascaso – efficiency etc) and investing in bio-degradable disposables


New Warehouse in Wimbledon

We bought a new warehouse in Wimbledon which we refitted with offices, workshops, warehousing and – a brand new roaster. With much research we invested in the latest roasting technology to come out of Italy from a young company IMF which had harnessed years of experience from throughout the industry (need description of the roaster and its USP). Visits to origin were important during this period – learning and understanding the coffee growing process.


’92 – ’93

The business was growing again, we recruited more staff and move to another warehouse nearby in Thames Ditton (Chapells). During the 90’s we continued to explore the new developments in the industry with new suppliers in both coffee (which we imported from Bristot) and other equipment manufacturers. The business was on a good footing at this point but we desperately needed better premises and to get back to roasting.


The 90s

The early 90’s suffered a serious down turn mirroring the UK’s economic downturn. We got rid of the warehouse and most of the staff and moved the business back home (now in Thames Ditton).  The nursery became the office, the garage the warehouse.


The 80s

The business gradually grew during the 80’s and saw a move to ‘new’ premises in Wimbledon (Haydon’s Road). The end of the 80’s saw a period of rapid expansion and the start of our own roasting (on an old Whitnee roaster). We also moved into the bean to cup business – we were the first suppliers to Pret!