Reconditioned Commercial Coffee Machines

Buy a Reconditioned Commercial Coffee Machine and Save!

At our family-owned, independent roastery, we contract roast and setup coffee machines for many coffee shops, delis, pubs and more.

We have a range of reconditioned coffee machines which can be supplied very quickly to businesses at a great price. 

How about a free coffee machine?

If your business is using 6kg of coffee a week or more you may be eligible for a free loan of one of our coffee machines!


Reconditioned coffee machines

Our commercial coffee machines are professionally refurbished at our workshop

  • Machines taken apart and inspected
  • Machines cleaned for scale 
  • Cleaned again to remove coffee deposits
  • All plastic and rubber parts replaced
  • Any worn parts replaced
  • Machines are assembled and fully tested

Maintenance packages are available to elligible businesses. 

Free Loan Coffee Machines

Is your business within 2 hours of London and using more than 6kg of beans a week?

We could supply you with a coffee machine for free!

Our current stock of machines are mainly group 2 with a large hot water capacity.

What about reconditioned coffee grinders?

We also have a selection of reconditioned commercial coffee grinders available. All have their blades replaced to give excellent extraction consistently. 

Please get in touch with your specific requirements.

Complete the form below with information on your business and the type of coffee equipment you are looking for. 

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