Private Label Coffee Roasting

 sell your own-brand coffee with our private label coffee roasting service

At our family-owned, independent roastery, we contract roast for many large coffee distributors under their own label. Similarly, we offer our coffee shop and deli customers the opportunity to sell their ‘own brand’ coffee in retail packs.

If your coffee shop is using 12kg of coffee a week or more, you could have your brand on the coffee you sell.

Start today with one of our own blends in your packaging!

White label coffee roasting

We often help our customers develop their own unique coffee blend. 

You help us design your own blend of beans and packing and we’ll roast and package for your specific needs. Bespoke blends can be developed over days, weeks or even months!  

Join the growing number of coffee shops, restaurants and other stores that have developed their own coffee blends with their own brand.

Capital Coffee Roasters handles everything from initial consultation to the final product.

Free Loan Coffee Machines

Is your business within 2 hours of London and using more than 6kg of beans a week?

We could even supply you with a coffee machine for free!

 Chris’s Story

We were introduced to Chris through a good customer of ours. Although he was interested in a bespoke coffee, he was happy with his existing well-known artisan coffee supplier, and did not want to lose sales.

“What changed is that we had begun making chocolate in the basement of our shop and wondered if a bespoke blend would work alongside. So when John from Capital Coffee asked me what kind of flavour profile I would really love to sell,  I ended up describing something that was subtly different from our existing main coffee but with a more chocolatey and nutty profile and similar caffeine hit. When we discussed the different flavour characteristics of coffee from different parts of the world it became really exciting imagining what it could taste like! No one else had offered us this opportunity.”

Our master roaster then set out to create a blend of our vast array of beans from all over the world and presented a selection of coffees to our tasting panel for approval.

“Once I’d specified what I wanted it didn’t take long at all for a few sample blends to be created for us to blind taste and chose – that bit was really fun!”

Chris had unique packaging designed especially for the blend, and is sold at his business along with his chocolate!

We were able to brand the bags of coffee with our own logo and description while crediting Capital Coffee as the producers. Virtually all our customers now drink ‘Christopher’s blend’ made by Capital Coffee and they love it. The fact that each consignment is blended and roasted to order means that we always have fresh beans to grind.

Our own-brand contract roasting service is perfectly suited to busy coffee shops looking to make an impression.

How it Works

We can develop a new blend based on a number of different methodologies:

  • Definition of target cup profile and outcome
  • Matching an existing coffee
  • Creating a unique offering to differentiate in the market
  • Diagnosing problems with an existing coffee and suggesting options for improvements
  • Roasting a preferred or desired Single Origin

Packaging – leave it to us – just send us a copy of your logo and we will come up with a range of options.

All of this can be delivered to you at very competitive prices.

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