Capital Coffees

Espresso Beans

Our espresso beans are packed in 1 kilo foil bags with valves in boxes containing 6 bags. We are always happy to develop a bespoke blend with customers and packaging can also be tailored to suit individual requirements. Additionally, single origin beans are available if desired.

Capital Espresso
Medium/dark roast with the Brazilian beans producing a fantastic crema to create an excellent espresso. Espresso has a deep, rich, sweet, nutty taste and is an excellent all round coffee.

Capital Supreme
Similar to Espresso but roasted a little lighter and therefore a little sweeter with the Ethiopian Sidamo giving a full-bodied coffee that produces great flat whites: our most popular blend.

Capital Barista
100% Arabica beans blended to meet the demands of current trends– rich and smooth, with chocolate and caramel undertones. The Sumatra Lintong bean adds a sweet, earthy quality and produces a complex aroma.

Capital Reserve
A good restaurant coffee that works well after dinner. Reserve makes a great, medium to full bodied espresso that is intense and creamy, with the Tanzanian beans lending to its deep, rich taste.

Capital Classico
A competitively priced, darker roast that is similar in taste to the traditional Italian bar coffee.

Capital 100% Arabica
The Brazil Cerrado in this blend gives a bold, chocolaty taste resulting in a smooth, clean, well-balanced all round coffee with a creamy mouth-feel.


Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is packed in portion-controlled, foil sachets each making 3 pints and packed 100 sachets to a box. Portion sizes can be varied if required.

Capital Filter
Our filter coffee is a complex blend of beans from around the tropics and roasted medium/dark to produce a smooth, all round flavour with a slightly sweet quality.



Coffee capsules are a fuss-free way of making espresso coffees using either a dedicated capsule machine or a traditional espresso machine. They’re ideal for a low-volume site or one where a high staff turnover creates problems in providing a consistent product.

Each capsule is sealed in a foil pouch ensuring that the coffee is as fresh as the day it was roasted and packed. There is no wastage and no skill required to make the coffee. A specially adapted group handle is provided to enable the use of capsules on a conventional machine.

Coffee capsules are a cost-effective method of providing a consistently high quality product at the same time as offering your customers a choice of coffees to suit their own individual tastes – regular or decaf.

Capsules also provide a very convenient way to serve decaf coffee rather than having to have a separate decaf grinder.

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